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Open Source PyMOL for Windows

  1. Download the latest Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit from Latest Miniconda Installer Links
  2. Excute Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64 ->Next->I agree->Just me-> Next-> Check Register...-> Install-> Next-> Finish
  3. Clicke Anaconda Prompt(miniconda3) from start menu. The terminal will be launched and enter commands in the terminal.
  4. Type ”conda create -n pymol” and press Enter#Build a virtual environment
  5. Type ”conda activate pymol” and press Enter#Boot a virtual environment
  6. Type ”conda install -c conda-forge pymol-open-source” and press Enter
  7. Proceed ([y]/n)? -> Type [y] and press Enter
  8. Once the installation is complete, type the command "pymol" and press Enter.

After that, start Miniconda3 and type below command...
conda activate pymol [Enter]
pymol [Enter]

It is convenient to create a batch file. Save the following content to a text file with a .bat extension (e.g. pymol.bat). Change USERNAME to your own username. Double-click pymol.bat to start pymol.

echo off
cd C:\Users\USERNAME\miniconda3
cmd.exe /K "Scripts\activate.bat base && conda activate pymol && pymol"